Snapchat+ Adds New Features, Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

After reaching one million paying subscribers, Snapchat+ is adding several new features.

Snapchat Plus New Exclusive Features 2022 : No More 24H Stories?

VIDEO INTRODUCTION – Stories with MJ Episode:
In this video, we will talk about the exclusive features of Snapchat Plus. We explore the new features and find out how it provides new experiences to Snapchat users. Snapchat is now offering custom story expiration timings to plus users. We also talk about how Snapchat Plus is growing and got over 1 Million subscribers after its launch.

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intro 00:00:00
Snapchat Ads Manager Overview 00:00:43
Important Menu Items 00:01:58
Snapchat Ads Creative 00:05:12
Create Your Campaign 00:11:23
Snapchat Ads Targeting 00:15:05
Lookalike & Retargeting Audiences 00:25:14
Campaign Build-Out Final 00:28:48
Columns 00:29:38
Interest Targeting Hack 00:33:00
See Your Competitors’ Ads 00:35:34


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What is Snapchat PLUS & its Features! [2022]

Snapchat has recently launched its paid service, Snapchat Plus. It offers new features like Ghost Trails on the Map, Best Friends Forever Pin, Story Rewatch Indicator, Custom App Icons, Snapchat Plus Badge, Friend Solar Systems, and Snapchat for Web! In this video, I will introduce each feature and show you how they work. Yours Jigxor

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https://youtu.be/Vo6kba-ZlN8 | Snapchat Plus Ghost Trails
https://youtu.be/zpQOkp8_r6Y | Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch

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00:00 | What is Snapchat+?
02:01 | Ghost Trails on the Map
02:22 | Best Friends Forever Pin
03:00 | Story Rewatch Indicator
03:21 | Custom App Icons/Themes
03:53 | Snapchat+ Badge
04:23 | Friend Solar Systems
05:28 | Snapchat for Web

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Snapchat Vs Snapchat+ (Snapchat Premium)! (Should You Upgrade?)

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