How to Use Google Trends for YouTube

Need guidance on your keyword and content strategies for YouTube? Learn five ways you can use Google Trends to uncover valuable insights.

Google Trends Tutorial – How to Use Google Trends for YouTube


Looking for a Google Trends Tutorial? Look no further! In this in-depth training video. You’ll discover how I identify trending topics, search queries, questions and more.

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How to Effectively Use Google Trends for YouTube SEO

Google Trends is a powerful tool to help you understand how the world is searching. You can use it to research keywords, discover topics, and even get an idea of what people are talking about in your industry. Google Trends is a tool that lets you see how popular a search term is over time, in different parts of the world, and related to other terms. It’s an invaluable resource for content creators and marketers alike, and it has become a vital part of YouTube SEO. In this video, we’ll walk you through the best practices for using Google Trends to optimize your YouTube channel.

00:06 How to Effectively Use Google Trends for YouTube SEO
00:46 Look Up the Keyword(s) You Want to Rank For in Google Trends
01:00 Take a Careful Look at the Keyword’s Search Volume Over Time
01:30 Be Sure to Check Out Google Trends’ Related Queries Section
01:51 Other Things to Keep in Mind When Using Google Trends for YouTube SEO

First, look up the keyword you want to rank for in Google Trends. This will give you a graph of how many people are searching for that term over time, as well as what percentage of all searches it represents.

Next, go back and look at the keyword’s search volume over time. If the number of searches has been increasing steadily over the years and is still growing, then that term may be worth targeting because there’s a lot of interest in it among users. If usage has decreased or leveled off over time, however, then it may not be worth targeting that term unless there’s some reason why it should be more popular now than before, like if there were some big news story related to it recently.

Finally, check out Google Trends’ “Related Queries” section to see what other terms people are searching for when they use your keyword. These queries could also be good candidates for keywords you should target with your video because they indicate that people are looking for something similar but slightly different than what they originally searched for.

Other things to keep in mind when using Google Trends for YouTube SEO are as follows:

Create a list of keywords that you want to target with your video.
Use the “Topics” feature on Google Trends to see what types of searches are happening around those keywords right now, as well as over time.
Look at the chart for each keyword and try to find patterns that indicate which terms are more popular than others.

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How To Use Google Trends For YouTube Videos | YouTube SEO 2022

How To Use Google Trends For YouTube Videos provides YouTube SEO 2022 tips. This Google Trends Tutorial 2022 provides an overview of the system and How to use Google Trends 2022 for youtube. We hope you learn something from this How To Use Google Trends 2022. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, share, and like!

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How to Use Google Trends for YouTube Video Content Ideas – Get More Views and Subscribers!

You can use Google Trends to get more views and subscribers. Use it to find out if your video or content idea has search demand. This video will show you how to use Google Trends to identify if your topic idea is trending upwards or downwards. That way it can help you determine if it’s worth pursuing that idea, or move on to doing keyword research on another term.

I also give an example in this Google Trends tutorial of which search term I found which really helped to grow my channel get more views and subscribers. This one search term led to many successful videos. I now use Google Trends to find new content themes, which can then give me a handful of new video ideas to work on whenever I am stuck for new video ideas.

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⏱️Table of Contents⏱️ for “How to Use Google Trends for Video Ideas”
0:00 How to Use Google Trends
0:20 My journey on how to start a Youtube channel
1:10 How I found a trending video topic using Google Trends
2:00 How I got more YouTube views using Google Trends
2:40 How to rank higher on YouTube using Google Trends
2:52 How to get more subscribers using Google Trends
3:12 How to use Google Trends for more video views
3:53 Tips on how to best use Google Trends for content ideas
5:28 How to identify if a topic is trending on Google Trends
7:15 YouTube Research tab in Studio for content gaps ideas
8:21 Other Google Trends tools
8:35 What to do next to Level Up Your Video Skills

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