Google Announces More Personalized Search Results at Search On Event

Google announced at its Search On 22 event that its “About this result” section now highlights if results are personalized.

How To Remove My Name From Google Search in 2023 | Incogni

On April 27, 2022, Alphabet announced a long-awaited feature allowing people to remove personal information from Google’s search results. Alphabet has lowered the bar for having results removed from its Google Search product—good news if you value your privacy.

It’s not all good news, though. Submitting a removal request isn’t the quickest or easiest process. Plus, not every piece of your personal information that shows up on Google is eligible for removal, and there are no strict eligibility criteria—each removal request is evaluated by Google.

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How to Turn Off Google’s Personalized Search Results

How to Turn Off Google’s Personalized Search Results (Desktop)
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0:05 How to Turn Off Google’s Personalized Search Results
0:09 Open Your Favourite Browser.
0:12 Go to
0:16 In the Left Sidebar, Click on “Data Privacy”.
0:21 Scroll Down.
0:24 Under “Personal Results in Search” Section. Click on “ON”.
0:31 Toggle the Button Next to “Show Personal Results” to Turn it Off.
0:39 That’s it, “Personal Results in Search” is Turned off.
0:45 This is How You Can Turn Off Google’s Personalized Search Results
0:50 Thank You for Watching.

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Watch Google Reveal Multisearch Tech

At Google I/O 2022, the company unveils advancements in its search technology with a new feature called Multisearch.

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